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Greenvalley Facility Management Services – Who we are

The objective of Greenvalley Facility Management is to ensure that the facility operates efficiently, effectively, and sustainably while meeting the needs of the occupants, stakeholders, and users. This requires a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing all aspects of the facility, from its design and construction to its ongoing maintenance and operation.

Soft Services

Help Desk

Complete Facility Management through our Admin Staff like Facility General Manager, customer relationship manager Facility Executive, Helpdesk, Supervisors and Admin Staff our employees bring, coupled with it.

Reception Management Services are often used when you’re’ thinking of outsourcing your reception area, may be you would like to know whether it makes sense for your team? Maybe your reception is already outsourced and you would like to know what other facilities management options are on the market and which ones seem to be leading the pack.There are many myths and misconceptions about outsourcing and here we will try and tackle each one which should help you in making your decision



Greenvalley Ensure ,Reception Management Services are often used when you’re’ thinking of outsourcing your reception area, may be you would like to know whether it makes sense for your team? Maybe your reception is already outsourced and you would like to know what other facilities management options are on the market and which ones seem to be leading the pack. There are many myths and misconceptions about outsourcing and here we will try and tackle each one which should help you in making your decision.

reception desk

Pantry Management or Food Services

Food Management features trends and best practices, products and solutions that connect deeply with the non commercial foodservice professional. Four key onsite segments —hotel, K-12, Healthcare, and Business & Industry dining — are the focal points in our coverage

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Food services

Store Management

Material management is only possible if proper records of the stores are maintained. Stores are very important in carrying out day-to-day operations. The objective behind stores is the continuous supply and production of goods and services. Managing the stores ensures that every project, no matter how large or small is properly managed.

Store keeping’s basic function is to receive the materials, recognize, place the same and issue the raw materials on the requisition made by the respective department.

The term “store management” refers to the efficient management of materials.

Greenvalley dedicated team will ensures that all the various activities involved during the process of storekeeping are carried out economically and efficiently

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store management

House Keeping

Greenvalley Facility believes that a clean and well-maintained office helps increase the productivity of the employees working in it. Greenvalley Facility provides housekeeping services in Bangalore through our team of well-trained, qualified, and professional housekeepers. The scope of our housekeeping services includes Corporate Offices, Retail Stores, Factories, Commercial Buildings, Manufacturing Plants, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, and Hospitals.

Our team of housekeepers will clean and maintain your designated space and add to its aesthetics. You can also be assured that all the cleaning solutions that we use in doing so are eco-friendly Our service is completed under the supervision of skillful experts who have affluent industry acquaintance and expertise. Our service is broadly admired by patrons owing to their timely completion

Good house keeping  Practices :

Greenvalley facility services offer good housekeeping practices .

  1. Minimum use of chemicals in the process house.
  2. Prompt attention to leaks of water and chemicals
  3. Dry- cleaning of the floor, followed by mopping the floor with a piece of wet cloth.
  4. Educating the worker on the importance of maintaining the clean surroundings..

Waste Management

Waste management regulations are formulated for sustainable development, so municipalities and other agencies are authorized to create an environment to minimize waste generation in society. To regulate the rise of waste generation, different legislations concerning the way of disposal and the way to trot out generated waste were enacted and acquired underneath the umbrella of the surroundings Protection Act (EPA), 1986.

Different activities include collection, monitoring, regulation, and disposal. The collected wastes are disposed of by various methods, e.g. by landfill compaction and incineration. Solid wastes, most especially, are incinerated to reduce their volume by 80 to 95%, and to convert them into gas, steam, ash, and heat. However, air pollution is a concern when disposing of wastes by means of incineration.

Organic wastes, especially those that are biodegradable, are allowed to be decomposed so that they can be used as mulch or compost in agriculture and the methane gas from the biological degradation be collected and used for generating electricity and heat. Liquid wastes, such as wastewater, undergo treatment producing sewage sludge that can be disposed of by incineration, composting, and landfill

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Pest Control & Bio Cleaning

One of the major issues you have at any establishment, building or residence is that of pests, hence we have a team of experts who would visit your premises and based on the severity of the issue, they would give you the best possible solution to deal with the problem. The Pesticides and gels that are used by our team is eco friendly and harmless to humans.

To name a few of our treatments Cockroach, Termite, Bed Bugs, Rats and Rodents and Mosquito treatments are what we specialize in, a different pesticide for each treatment ensures that the pests are removed for good.

The team at Greenvalley Pest Control is committed to providing safe and environmentally conscious options to tackle even the toughest pest problems. We practice Integrated Pest Management; or IPM, which often includes non-chemical approaches to Pest Control.

We’re not in the chemical application business, that’s not always how you solve problems. Greenvalley approach is effective – Greenvalley Pest Control uses inspection, monitoring and proper identification to determine the root cause of pest problems to find a solution.

pest control


Property management is not just restricted to building maintenance activities; rather, it covers various other activities under its umbrella. Landscaping is one such activity that a property management company renders to serve its clients. Landscaping is all about keeping the surroundings green and clean.

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Landscaping & Gardening

Greenvalley Facility , have a team of professionally trained gardeners to maintain all landscaped areas and gardens in both commercial and residential properties

The primary responsibility of our Gardener’s is to upkeep the beauty of plants, outdoor grounds, and trees in a garden which surround your house, building or Villa. They perform a range of general maintenance tasks including designing, producing, renewing and preserving outside spaces. Our Landscaping Service Provider in Bangalore have maintained its commitment to quality, integrity, and service. Greenvalley Facility take pride in serving residential and industrial landscaping Architect and gardening style developers, hotels and health care suppliers, institutions, parks and non-public residences in Bangalore.


Hard Services

Plumbing & Electrical

Greenvalley facility offers professionally managed services through an Engineering Team of highly experienced professionals utilizing the latest equipment and quality materials to help increase the productivity of the highest standards and reduce costs for businesses.

Our teams of Electricians are well versed with any electrical installation, repairs or troubleshooting to be carried and please rest assured that the work will be performed in compliance with State and Local guidelines and regulations. The Client will be responsible for providing access to the work area which may include moving of any furniture, wall hangings, etc which could prevent our team from carrying out the services as required Operation and maintenance of pharmaceutical & production industry installations such as air compressors, oxygen plants, steam boilers, cooling towers, water chillers, brine chillers, nitrogen plants, RO Plants, ETP/STP/WTP, etc.

  1. Operation & Monitoring of BMS system, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Fire hydrant system, Water Leak Detection system,
  2. “Operation and maintenance of Diesel Generator (DG set), AMF panels, DG synchronization
  3. Operation and maintenance of pharmaceutical & production industry installations such as  oxygen plants, steam boilers, cooling towers, water chillers, 
  4. Operation and maintenance of all types of electrical installations such as HT/LT Panels, ATS, VCBS, Transformers, HVAC, Chillers, PACs, UPS,  Fire panels, all types of panels, ……

Our Plumbers are experienced in the Installation, maintenance, and repairing of pipes and fixtures associated with heating, cooling, water distribution, and sanitation systems in residential and commercial structures. They are also trained in fixing of domestic appliances, such as dishwashers and gas cookers etc. As and if required, they would also Inspect drainage and other plumbing systems for compliance with local and national regulations.

Plumber in dehradun

Fire Management

Employer is responsible to provide safe work environment to employees. Landlord/ building Management employer is responsible for safety of tenants, fire systems and operations. Employer should not be solely dependent on his facility manager and building owner/ to provide safe work environment .

Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive fire management services incorporate measures for prevention, detection and containment of fire as well as the evacuation of individuals in the event of emergency
  • Maintaining compliance at all times with strict fire safety legislation
  • Protecting your assets from serious fire damage
  • Preventing serious injury, and even death, to your building’s occupants
  • Our fire safety experts are fully accredited and have years of experience in the area of fire safety
  • Only the appropriate measures are taken for your unique circumstances, meaning costs are kept as low as possible.

Importance of fire audit : Fire safety audit is an effective tool for assessing fire standards of an organisation. It helps clients to identify the areas of improvement and evaluation of fire risk based on their impact and review of existing passive and active fire protection measures, can mitigate the risk of

fire management


Greenvalley Facility has a team of courteous, professional, and well-groomed security personnel who are trained to meet the specific requirements of our clients They are able to protect against/ deter crimes on sites and be the first responder during any emergencies. They are also trained to handle and respond quickly during fire emergencies. In brief, they are trained to keep you, your house, or your organization safe.

All our Security personnel go through a list of parameters set by our recruitment team, like background checks, previous employers, and overall

Greenvalley Facility Value your demands and offer customized modern security services. To ensure this, We provide advanced training to our security guards on the latest safety measure and equipment so that they can prevent industrial hazards or accidents in your workplace.

They are smartly Uniformed, professionally trained, and well-supervised personnel who are responsible for the security and safety of assets, personnel, and Property against theft, accident.

We are structured to deliver security expertise for specialized markets as well as multiple security solutions utilizing people, technology, and knowledge.

Enhanced security measures

Effective visitor management involves monitoring and recording visitors who enter and exit a building, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry to a facility. It is crucial for maintaining the security and protection of a building. By monitoring and tracking all visitors, expected and unexpected, visitor management systems help reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and other unauthorized activities. And who doesn’t love a good reduction in risk?

Increased compliance and regulation adherence

Compliance is a word that can strike fear into even the most daring of entrepreneurs. Nobody wants to face fines or legal action. To meet legal requirements, compliance with industry regulations is necessary for businesses, particularly in the real estate and commercial sectors. Proper visitor management ensures businesses meet compliance regulations and protect themselves from liability. In addition, visitor management systems can help with preparedness for emergencies which helps to ensure readiness whenever disaster may strike.

HT & LT Installation

As the representative of your interest, we record, assess, initiate and check all processes in the elevators. We determine whether an offered service is necessary and negotiate for a reasonable price. Maintenance management prevents unnecessary repairs and offers a qualified assessment. For better economic planning, we work out a budget proposal that covers over several years. We also document all processes in our database for a supported elevator management system. The services include:

Cost-effectivemaintenance plan
• Annualexpenditurecontrol
• Greenvalley facility  approach related to health and safety

HT & LT Installation




Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is a process which removes and eliminates contaminants from wastewater and converts this into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle. Once returned to the water cycle, the effluent creates an acceptable impact on the environment or is reused for various purposes (called water reclamation). The treatment process takes place in a wastewater treatment plant. There are several kinds of wastewater which are treated at the appropriate type of wastewater treatment plant. For domestic wastewater (also called municipal wastewater or sewage), the treatment plant is called a Sewage Treatment. For industrial wastewater, treatment either takes place in a separate Industrial wastewater treatment, or in a sewage treatment plant (usually after some form of pre-treatment). Further types of wastewater treatment plants include Agricultural wastewater treatment and leachate treatment plants.

Processes commonly used in wastewater treatment include phase separation (such as sedimentation), biological and chemical processes (such as oxidation) or polishing. The main by-product from wastewater treatment plants is a type of sludge that is usually treated in the same or another wastewater treatment plant. Biogas can be another by-product if anaerobic treatment processes are used. Treated wastewater can be reused as reclaimed water. The main purpose of wastewater treatment is for the treated wastewater to be able to be disposed or reused safely. However, before it is treated, the options for disposal or reuse must be considered so the correct treatment process is used on the wastewater.

Types of wastewater treatment plants include:

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Our Vision

Connecting Products, Solutions, & Services with passion and innovation, to make human life comfortable and Property SMART.


Our Mission

To deliver sustainable and innovative facilities management services that are scalable while ensuring safe and efficient performance of the built environment

We have a well-qualified and skilled workforce to take care of all your technical requirements

Property  management modelling is a complete system for managing the lifecycle of controlled assets.  Property management models use various criteria to maximize performance, efficiency, and resources.


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