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About Us

Greenvalley Facility Services to create a work place that supports success at every level—from individual employees (micro) to the company (macro).   Facilities need to be safe, welcoming, accommodating, empowering, versatile, cost-efficient, and adaptable to meet diverse expectations.

And Greenvalley Facility Services ensure functionality, Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process, and technology.

“Customer happiness is the foundation of all we do at each of our communities”

Through our services, we help you maintain your office facilities as well as residential properties. Our facilities services team is a group of highly efficient, trained, and professional members who take pride in their work. We will help you ensure everything in your facility is in place while you carry on with your daily activities.

We have handpicked our professionals based on their qualifications and only recruit those who have been thoroughly trained to handle our customer’s needs.

OUR Objectives

Greenvalley Facility : we have created strong bonds of trust, commitment and respect among our clients.

  • To maintain and manage the assets by creating a safe and secure environment using optimal resources to meet the challenging needs of diverse customers
  • To efficiently meet the challenging and changing customer / user requirements
  • Encompassing a range of service solutions enables the customer to scale their services to meet their ever-changing needs and focus on their core business
  • Achieve 100% compliance towards all statutory and legal requirements on behalf of our customers

What we believe

Our core values shape our culture and define who we are. They underscore our commitment to our clients, to our communities, and to each other, and provide direction for everything we do. We strongly believe in ethics, excellence, and teamwork.

Technological Creativity - Greenvalley Facility

By nature, professionals in facility management get tons of challenges thrown at them every day. Many of these challenges will demand creative solutions.

From our point of view, as industry observers, it seems clear that there are three areas that are critical to success:

  1. This requires an open mind about new opportunities coming along for service management, delivery, and reporting. These will help an FM stay both up-to-date and in demand.
  2. And as we shift toward a greater reliance on cloud-based technology, there is (as there always has been) a premium on very human traits. Facilities management is a people -Property Solutions , on multiple dimensions, and will continue to be.
  3. Now more than ever, we need to rely on these solutions to help keep our people and assets safe in the context of global pandemics. We require better vetting and tracking of individuals like employees, visitors, and contractors who set foot on our premises.


A majority of the responsibilities in facility management focus on creating a happier and healthier work environment. So it’s imperative to put yourself into the shoes of your workers and facility guests—and to show compassion.

Greenvalley facility is all about the employees working for you within all FM services, the different stakeholders, the end users, and the guests.


No matter how you are with Excel or building management software, you need to be able to quickly handle new or urgent situations that come your way.

Technology Purpose

Greenvalley Facility ,creating technology  with purpose, our Service combine the real and digital world unlike others. Working together seamlessly , Our employ deliver powerful integrated solutions  that enable our customers to transform the  facility Services.

Greenvalley ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology and Sustainability


Greenvalley ensure Sustainability has become a large part of the corporate world. Several companies are including sustainability in its values and culture in order to respond to the society’s growing demand for it. This “green” shift hugely impacts the way Facilities Management is conducted. Green buildings are becoming more common and they are proven to reduce energy consumption, increase productivity and reduce waste. Making sure you’re up to date with sustainability trends and practices is a big plus. At the end of the day, green buildings are a win-win situation for the company and the environment.


Greenvalley facility is responsible for providing the tools and services to support the functionality, sustainability, and safety of buildings or infrastructure. Greenvalley play a critical role in helping organizations operate their facility seamlessly.

  • Quality Control Greenvalley Facility managers track and assess your property performance to determine the quality of your activities. It’s easier for you to understand how your work environment might influence our employee performance with the help of facility management.
  • Employee Support Greenvalley Facility responsible for coordinating communication and document, which can help employees engage better with other team members and complete their tasks swiftly.Greenvally also provide employee support by evaluating the workspace and determining if everything is in order for employees to be productive. If they notice any issues, they can report them to higher authorities to make necessary changes.
  • Facility Upkeep Greenvalley play a significant role in the upkeep of a facility and improvement of the physical building. Our main tasks include maintaining vendor contracts and spending time repairing or maintaining the facility. Also expected to cultivate partnerships, conduct future planning, and provide asset management.
  • Cost Management Greenvally main tasks involves making the facility and its operations more cost-effective. Also examine the facility and its operations to determine the organization’s strong points and areas of improvement.
  • Technology Integration Managing a facility requires integrating management systems, interpreting data, and implementing new technology that affects the workplace.Greenvalley facility can use technology to analyze and learn from the data, enabling them to achieve real-time visibility, track employee performance, perform predictive maintenance, and increase cost-efficiency.Greenvalley facility management company can relieve stress and help your property prosper. Greenvalley employee experience allows to consistently analyze, track, and implement strategies in various aspects to help you achieve a more productive facility.

Health & Safety

Greenvalley Ensure Health and Safety of Employees

  • Make the workplace safe.
  • Prevent risks to health.
  • Make sure that plant and machinery is safe to use.
  • Make sure safe working practices are set up and followed.
  • Make sure that all materials are handled, stored and used safely.
  • Provide adequate first aid facilities.

How effective our RAM strategy? Know where we stand against peers with unique data-driven insight.

Sustained high reliability is key to surviving the challenges of industry globalization, Facility Management , and environmental sustainability. Is your RAM strategy keeping up?
Reliability and Maintenance Effectiveness Performance Analysis (RAM Study) yields valuable insight into the performance, strategy, and culture of top performers.

Our Vision

Connecting Products, Solutions, & Services with passion and innovation, to make human life comfortable and Property SMART.


Our Mission

To deliver sustainable and innovative facilities management services that are scalable while ensuring safe and efficient performance of the built environment

We have a well-qualified and skilled workforce to take care of all your technical requirements

Property  management modelling is a complete system for managing the lifecycle of controlled assets.  Property management models use various criteria to maximize performance, efficiency, and resources.


Why Us

  • We take pride in our team of professional, trained and dedicated facility executives
  • Well-groomed and disciplined executives
  • All the equipment used, abide by all statutory compliances and are sourced from authorized suppliers

Our Clients

Our Team


Mr. Thimmaraju ,  M, Sc., P.G.D.E. P.

Managing Director

Mr. Thippe Gowd.

Mr. Thippe Gowda


Mr. Bharath Kumar, P.G.D.B.M


Mr. Suresh Kumar. B.E .,

Technical  Services

Mr. Girish Kumar.  M, BA.,

Head (Operation & Sales)